Book Review-the Power of Forgiveness, Releasing God's Power

The Power of Forgiveness: Releasing God's Power
by Brian Adams
About the book:
Come take the journey down the road of forgiveness as Dr. Brian shares a reality message revealing how faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. In this book you will receive understanding of how through the power of forgiveness you can receive healing in your body and your soul. As you listen to these spiritual truths, you will learn to make a “conscious decision” to forgive and release not only yourself, but others from your past.
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You can be healed through the power of forgiveness. Supernatural healing is available!
Faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. When you chose to forgive, you break the legal right the devil has to torment you mentally, physically, and financially.
The Kingdom of God is peace, righteousness, and joy—this is the atmosphere God intends for you. When you refuse to forgive, you are turned over to
 satan’s tormentors until the debt has been paid. Fear has torment; therefore, fears, phobias, sicknesses, and pains are given rights to inflict your body, mind, and finances. But through repentance and forgiveness, you can be healed and set free—now.
Deep discussions include unforgiveness toward:
  • Self.
  • Others.
  • God.
The Power of Forgiveness is a concise manual about supernatural healing that explores the connection between forgiveness and physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This revelation forever changed the author’s personal life and his ministry. The many modern-day, true-life stories of those healed through the power of forgiveness inspire a deeper level of intimacy with Father God.

My Review:

Here I was thinking I didn't have an issue of forgiving people who have offended me, hurt me, and walked all over me. Dr. Brian Adams did a wonderful job writing this book on forgiveness and weaving in so many scriptures to show the biblical truth. While reading this book, the Holy Spirit went deep into my heart and brought many things to the light I had no idea were buried in my heart. In the book the author includes testimonies of numerous healings and goes over things a few times in each chapter which really helps it sink into your spirit. What great revelation comes with reading this book on forgiveness!

***Thank you Destiny Image Publishers for the free E-Book in exchange for an honest review.***

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