Book Review-the Lost Art of Pure Worship

The Lost Art of Pure Worship
by James W. Goll
About the Book:

Worship—the Key
Is your worship of the Lord bringing you closer to Him? Is it everything He is worthy of receiving?
The Lost Art of Pure Worship is a gathering of great spiritual leaders who share their unique experiences and desires about the precious act of worshiping a worthy heavenly Father.
James W. Goll, premier voice in the global prophetic and prayer and worship movements is joined by four other spiritual powerhouses to provide inspiration and insights about praise and worship.
Contributors include:
  • Chris DuPre, great song writer, seasoned worship leader, and teacher on the Father’s heart of God.
  • Jeff Deyo, former lead singer of renowned Christian band Sonic Flood, song writer and leader of the Pure Worship Institute.
  • Sean Feucht, young leader of Burn 24/7, brings a next-generation voice.
  • Julie Meyer, one of the best worship leaders and prophetic voices from the International House of Prayer world in Kansas City.
Together, these four voices direct you into practical truths, passion with a purpose, and experience in pure worship to the one true God. The Lost Art of Pure Worship adds depth to individual worship as well as the global worship movement and tools for local churches.
The Lost Art of Pure Worship completes James Goll’s inspiring The Lost Art trilogy series. First was thought-provoking The Lost Art of Intercession, followed by the spirit-searching The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence (originally titled Wasted on Jesus). This series has been used by individuals, groups, and churches to revive three vitally important aspects of every believer’s spiritual life.

My Review:

This book was more then I expected. Not only did it open my eyes in revelation after revelation of understanding what it truly means to worship God, but with it conviction on how easily we can get our sight off of Him. James Goll and the other authors/worship leaders did an excellent job with this book. Each person expresses a different aspect of what pure worship is, weather is singing, dancing, planning or serving, everything we do or say can be an act of pure worship. they explain what it is and how to do it by telling their stories and lining them up with the Word. You don't have to be on a stage leading people to be a worshiper. Worship is in all of us and if you have a desire to know Him more and go deeper in your relationship with Him, this book will guide you in that process.

***Thank you Destiny Image Publishers for the free E-book in exchange for an honest review.***

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