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Daily Calendar Binder

I love the Daily Calendar Binder that Confessions of a Homeschooler made. What is even better is she has made it available to all of us! She has 3 levels: preschool, elementary, and cursive so no one is left out. I made each of my kids one, Skyler's being in cursive. At the bottom of her blog page she has the links for blogs in witch she got her inspiration. I used pages from a few of the other sites in my binders. Here is one of mine.

I used tabs to label each section. Mainly because I had tons of them.

In Confessions of a Homeschooler's post, she uses page protectors so the kids can use a marker and wipe it off each day. I didn't have any of those laying around. But, my dividers are clear so my kids use their whiteboard marker to fill in the answers, then wipe it off when we are done.

Make sure you check it out! The kids love it and they learn what they need to know. Fun with learning! What could be better?

Check out her blog here:

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