Seeking Him-Lean on Him

   I like hearing people talk deeply about what they are experiencing in life because it reminds me its ok to take a deep look into my own life. 
    I'd say as long as you are keeping God first and are consulting Him about everyday things, you can't go wrong. Also, recognizing your weaknesses is a great place to be because He can help you get them in order and put them to use for His glory. I often struggle with talking to Him about my children's schooling. I forget that He told me to homeschool and if He told me to, He most definitely has a plan of action. It is hard sometimes to surrender control to someone else even when He is much bigger and more then capable of handling the situations life brings.

   There's a time and a season for what I like to call learning. After the season of learning is over you transition into a season of practicing what you've learned. And the cycle continues, learning-practicing-learning-practicing. Life is full of lessons and practicing. It starts from the minute we are born and on until our last breath. So many of us take those seasonal learning times for granted.

  I pray this will encourage you to look at you life and ask the Lord what He is teaching you in your current season, and how to practice it daily.


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