Do not give up

Lately I have been feeling so inadequate when it comes to teaching my children. My 4th grader specifically. I feel like no matter how much time I put into it or how many times we go over something she is just not getting it. I told my husband today that I feel like there's nothing more I can do. I just can't get through to her. I am ready to give up. I'm done. An hour and a half later I got in the car to pick up our 1st grade son from science class at our local charter school. Feeling gloomy I decided to turn on our local christian radio station for a much needed boost. The song playing was
singing, "Do not give up! Do not give up! Do not give up!". Then it ended. I knew without a doubt that the Lord was using that to speak to me.
Even though I am beyond ready to quit our homeschooling year right now, I know that God is trying to teach ME something. Of course its nothing I want to learn but obviously its required of me by Him. So if He says so, well who am I to refuse. I will obey Him.

Even when it is hard beyond what I feel I can bear, He is my strength! Which I need to constantly be reminded of. Way too often do I forget that.  I find me drowning myself in self-pity, "I stayed up all night preparing for this week and my kids don't even care" or "I printed up all these fun activities to help make learning more enjoyable but to no avail." Yeah, I tend to whine. Probably as much as my kids.

I believe I have found the reason for all of our whining and negative feelings toward school.

*********God has not been placed first.**********

So, what's the big deal? Well when God is not front and center in our lives things tend to go astray. Meaning OUR way. I for one do not want things going my way because I know what I have planned is not going to come even close to the way God would have me do it. His way is always going to be the better way.

I plan working this weekend on adjusting our weekly school schedule and having each day begin with prayer and devotions. Even though I have been getting up and spending time with the Lord, I now realize that my kids need to have that time in prayer and devotion with the Lord as well.

I hope that this is an encouragement to you. If you feel like I have been feeling lately, know that God is there cheering you on saying, "Do not give up! Do not give up!" Let Him be your strength and the leader in your homeschool. 

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  1. Thanks Shan! I ment to add that this is relevent for any situation. But I'm sure it can be taken as so without me stating it. =)


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