Real Life, Real Miracles--book review

Real Life, Real Miracles
True Stories That Will Help You Believe

by James L. Garlow & Keith Wall

About the Book:

Real Life, Real Miracles: True Stories That Will Help You Believe  -     
        By: James L. Garlow, Keith Wall

Fascinating Accounts of Modern-Day Miracles Does God still play an active role in the world today? Readers are thrilled to discover that yes, he does, showing himself in countless miracles and unexplained events. In their signature style, trusted pastor Jim Garlow and writer Keith Wall tap into readers' fascination with miracles by gathering exciting, credible true stories of God's supernatural activities in the lives of everyday people. These stories will encourage and inspire, making this a great gift or impulse buy.

My Review:

This book is a compilation of true stories from real people. Each one unique in its own way and unique in how God came through for each person and family.

Real Life-Real Miracles has brought my faith to new heights. As I read through each of these absolutely amazing testimonies from people just like us, I felt an assurance that God is always there with us even through the hardest of times. As one who is still waiting for healing, I have a greater understanding of what it means to stand strong and continue to believe that it is coming.

I don't want to give away the stories in this book. Let me just say that they are incredible, and it is unmistakably obvious that God is the author and protector of our lives. No matter how hard we try to solve our problems, no matter what report the doctors have given, God will have His way, if only we will trust Him.  

I highly recommend this book. If you are like me or know someone how may need an extra boost of faith, get this book. See God in action in the lives of others and expect to see Him in action in your own lives as well!

**Thank you Bethany House Publishers for the free book in exchange for my honest review.**

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  1. This looks kike a good read. I love real life stories? Elaina


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