A Quilt for Jenna- book review

A Quilt for Jenna
by Patrick E. Craig

About the book:

A Quilt for Jenna, Apple Creek Dreams Series #1   -     
        By: Patrick E. Craig
Jerusha has spent months making the most beautiful quilt anyone in Apple Creek, Ohio, has ever seen, and she knows it’s going to take first prize at the Quilt Fair in Dalton.  The prize will be her ticket out of the Amish way of life—away from the memories of her dead daughter and her tormented husband.  But on the way to the Fair, she gets caught in the Storm of The Century and Jerusha’s driver crashes their car.  While the driver goes for help, Jerusha is led by someone, or something, to the side of a lost little girl.  By the time the storm clears, Jerusha finds there is a greater prize to be won than money and blue ribbons.
A beautiful story of loss….and redemption.

My Review: 
A Quilt for Jenna had me near tears. As the first Amish book I have ever read, this was truly a wonderful story, and has me excitedly awaiting the next book in the series. 

The scene is set during a Thanksgiving blizzard in Ohio as we read a tale full of heartache, love, and forgiveness that takes place over a five day period. During the book the characters often think back to their past where we find out about the lives of Jerusha Springer and her husband Reuben- how they met, what they've gone through, and the outcome of their unique story. I loved how author Patrick Craig masterfully wove the past with the present keeping me up to speed with Jerusha and her current predicament along with those in Apple Creek. Very well done!

My favorite part of this book was the message. That God never promise life would be a piece of cake and nothing bad would happen, but with our heart trusting in Him when the hard times do come, He will see us through them. I loved the whole book, the whole story, but the last few chapters filled me with a holy awe toward God. He is so good to His children bring the very best out of all the bad.

Please be sure to grab this book as soon as you can! You can get your copy from Christianbook.comAmazon.com, or your local bookstore. 

***Thank you Harvest House Publishers for the free book in exchange for my honest review.***

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