Flora's Wish- book review

Flora's Wish
by Kathleen Y'Barbo

About the Book:

Flora's Wish, The Secret Lives of Will Tucker Series  #1  -     
        By: Kathleen Y'Barbo
May 1887-Flora Brimm is determined the fifth time is the charm. Back home she has a reputation as "Fatal Flora," a woman whose previous four fianc├ęs died in untimely accidents. Flora is desperate to marry, because producing an heir is the only way she can keep her family's estate. She's confident this visit to Eureka Springs with her grandmother will help her land a husband.

Pinkerton detective Lucas McMinn is hot on the trail of Will Tucker, the thief who broke his sister's heart. When he discovers the slippery fellow with Flora, he thinks they are in on the devious plot together. Will Flora be able to convince Lucas of her innocence? Will Lucas catch the elusive Mr. Tucker?

My Review:

Flora's Wish was an absolutely delightful book! Author Kathleen Y'Barbo has come up with a terrific story line and wonderfully fun characters. I was entranced from start to finish as I read the tale of Will Tucker. 

The story is about the mysterious Will Tucker who strikes a bargain with Miss Flora Brimm. Only she knows nothing of this mans character other then what she sees on her first time meeting him. Hot on their heels is Pinkerton Lucas McMinn who is out to seek justice. Yet there is a bit of a problem- Miss Flora Brimm. While she complicates his case and infuriates him to no end there is something wonderful about her that Pinkerton McMinn cannot get out of his head.

While I loved the characters, story, romance, and comedy, I also loved how author Kathleen Y'Barbo showed how what we may think to be God's will for our lives can be wrong although we may not be far off. God can use one situation to bring us into the place He truly wants us to be. Sometimes we have to walk through the thick of it to reach safety on the other side. 

If you are looking for a romantic comedy in the form of a book I highly recommend this one! I will be rereading this again very soon!

***Thank you Harvest House Publishers for the free eBook in exchange for my honest review.***

You can grab a copy to hold or read on your eReader at Christianbook.com or even on Amazon. 

Please stop by author Kathleen Y'Barbo's website. She has so many books out to comb through and read. I plan to do this directly!
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  1. Yes I did!! Sounds a like a wonderful book to read.

  2. Your review of the book is very inspiring.

    1. I'm glad you found it so! I pray that your blessed beyond measure this Easter season. Happy reading!


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