Planning for next school year

I don't know about you but I like to be prepared for everything. I have been searching the web for curriculum that will work best for my kids (and me) for the up coming school year. I have found a program for Language Arts that I know is going to be fantastic! Let me introduce you to Growing With Grammar. I just received our books for the next school year and I love what I see, and so do my kids. This program is filled with such great detail that it does not have a teacher manual. Parents, however, should remain near by to answer any questions the kids may have.

Here is the collection I got my daughter for her fifth grade year. I also ordered level 2 for my son.

Below is an inside look at Growing with Grammar. They let you choose if you would like one book, two books, or all three books. I got all three, the student manual, student workbook, and the answer key. It also came with tests. The small book on the left here is the student manual with the corresponding student workbook page on the right.

The company has just come out with a Digging into Diagramming as an accompaniment to Growing with Grammar. It explains the parts of a sentence in great detail. They recommend this book for 3rd grade and up.

I am most excited about the Winning with Writing because it explains everything, every detail, so very well. It   also has a great layout. Week 1, Day 1. Week 1, Day 2, and so on. This I am sure will help us stay on track. Students will be not only be learning the proper way to write but will be given tons of practice throughout the year. (Sorry my photos are not the best.)

Last but not least, Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary. This is
also laid out in a Week 1, Day 1 format. You, the teacher, will give your child a pre-test on the first day. They will do fun pages for the rest of the week with a test on day 5. My kids are really looking forward to using these books! As am I!

Please check out for samples, prices, and answers to any questions you may have.

I will be back soon with the math program we will be using next year.

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