Under the Summer Sky--book review

Under the Summer Sky

The Dakota Diaries (book 2)
by Lori Copeland

About the book:

Under the Summer Sky, Dakota Diaries Series #2   -     
        By: Lori Copeland
1893--A man who goes only by the name of "Jones" isn't looking for trouble when he happens across Miss Trinity Franklin at the riverside. He is simply on his way to North Dakota to seek the advice of Tom Curtis, a former CN&W Railroad land purchaser. But when Jones spots a lady who is about to become the victim of a marauding band of thugs, he quickly follows his instincts. A handy barrel and a nearby river seem the perfect getaway solution...how was he to know she couldn't swim?

Thus begins an adventure beyond what either could have anticipated. After Jones again rescues Trinity--this time from the river--they find their destination is the same: a small town in North Dakota. A seemingly coincidental beginning comes to a delightful and charming ending when orchestrated by the One who can put the pieces of any lost and broken life together.

My review:

This was the perfect weekend read! The first line in the book grabbed my attention and had me reading through the night. Whether its good or bad this is one of those stories where there is seriously always something happening. It was great!

Author Lori Copeland did a marvelous job telling this story so that the reader did not have to read book one first. However, after reading book two I aim to get book one and read of another match made in Dwadlo, North Dakota. Anyhow, you will have no problem if you read this book only.

What I took away from the story was that no matter what our circumstances look like we can always trust that God is working in the midst of it all. When there seems no way, God makes a way. When all hope is lost, He restores us and opens the door. I love knowing that God is in control!

I highly recommend this book. There is no way you could be disappointed during any part of it. Its fun, full of excitement, has lovable characters, and a match only The Author and Perfecter of our lives could make.

****Thank you Harvest House Publishers for the free book in exchange for my honest review.****

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