4 Tips on How to Make Your Spouse's Day

Over the past ten years of our marriage I have come to learn quite a few things: how to pick my battles, the best time of day to bring up a touchy subject, and to never point out the flaws in his driving. But what I want to cover today is how to make your spouse feel like everything they went through that day was appreciated by you and your kids. 

In our family my husband works outside of our home to support his family while I stay home to raise our kids, teach them, and care for our home. I know many families where the wife works and the husband stays home. Either way these tips are sure to help you make your spouse's day.

Tip #1- Have the house as clean as you can get. I have learned that when my husband comes home after a 12-15 hour work day to a clean kitchen and living room, he is able to fully relax and let go of everything from work that was weighing him down.

Tip #2- Have dinner ready if your spouse gets home in the evening. If they work the graveyard shift, have breakfast or lunch ready for them. My husband seems to love walking in to the sweet aroma of a home cooked meal.

Tip #3- If at all possible, shoo the kids outside so the house offers a relaxing environment. When I hear my husband pull up-and my kids now know this very well-I tell my kids to calmly and politely answer Daddy's questions about our day. However, they are to refrain from bombarding him with, "Dad, lets go ride bikes. Dad lets go build something. Dad, Dad, Dad!" We need to give him time to relax first, then we can see if he is up to doing something else.

Tip #4- Don't be the one to unleash everything that went wrong in your day. Save that for later in the evening. I will never forget the day my husband came home from work and told me what all the guys where talking about in the locker room. All the men were complaining that as soon as they walked in the door their wives started going off about how horrible her day had gone along with this, that, and the other. They said they just wanted to go home and be able to relax. My husband thanked me that day and nearly each day since then for making our home a place he looked forward to coming to.

It is the greatest feeling when my husband tells me how much he appreciates all the hard work I do at home, and how great it makes him feel. He says it makes him feel like a king. By making sure I complete these four steps every day (okay so I don't get these done every day) I am showing my husband I love him and am grateful for all his hard work. 

What are some things you do to make your spouse's day? I'd love to hear!

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