Are you too busy?

While doing A Confident Heart book study by Renee Swope with some wonderful mom's from school, there was one question that really stood out to me. I had to sit there and think. And think. The question was this: 

Are there some things in your life God may not expect or want you to be doing?

I started to wonder if I was so busy with "this or that" that it was hindering my daily walk with God. Slowly, as I picked apart my days I started to notice that I was giving all of my spare time to schoolwork, chores, my constant study on health, and book reviews. I had a problem.

I decided I had to come up with a plan on how to cut back and make more time for the Lord. 

At one point I was reviewing books for five different publishers. That was an overload. Since then I have cut back to now only reviewing books for Harvest House Publishers and the occasional blog tours by Litfuse Publicity Group. This has freed up a large amount of my spare time.

I have also tried to only research health one to two days a week with a time limit. That's right. I had to give myself a time limit on my research! If I don't set these guidelines for myself I end up giving all my free time to only one thing.

Schoolwork- just thinking of it weighs me down. Don't get me wrong I love teaching my kids, but sometimes its a bit overwhelming. My way of not giving all my time to correcting papers late into the evening was such an easy fix: I correct it as soon as the paper is handed to me. This frees up my time in the evening for some enjoyable review reading, time with the Lord in worship, or even Bible study time.

Now I ask you the question: Are there some things in your life God may not expect or want you to be doing?

Ask the Holy Spirit to search every area of your life, and point out which ones need tweaking. He is sure to be faithful and help you in this quest.

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