Summer Challenge: Out of State Licence Plates

When I was younger I remember looking for out of state licence plates and seeing just how many I could find here in sunny California. Well now I have challenged my kids. They have actually had such a blast looking for new plates while we drive around running errands. They have spotted quite a few, most of them being from the East Coast! We even found a Baja California plate!

Here is a picture of their map which I downloaded from Mr Printables:

(Sorry for the poor quality. I'm working on that.)

I love how they get excited when they see a new plate and tell me to drive faster so they can read it. (Don't worry, I do not do as they say!) This has been a lot of fun for us and I figure it will carry on well after summer vacation. This works great for keeping the kids out of each others hair.

What kind of things does your family do to pass the time while you drive around?

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