Talking with God

When is the last time you sat down and really poured out your heart in thanks to God? 

I have no doubt that my husband loves me and cares for me. I don't need him to tell me these things but I really do like to hear him say this and show me. It is the same for our Heavenly Father. He knows how we feel and what we are thinking before we even think it. (Scripture) But even so, He loves to hear it from us. He loves to hear our thanks and praise, our needs and desires, and of our love for Him. 

I sat down with my kids and we wrote everything we are thankful for. Even for the things we don't have yet, we thanked God for them. We spent time in praise and worship and thanksgiving.

Start thanking God for the things you have been asking for as if you have them. This will build your faith for the things of God and open the gates of blessing.

Be encouraged! Stop complaining of your lack and start being thankful, grateful, for the things you do have and God will pour out more to you!

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