We made it!

Well we did it. We are finally done moving! Now I can focus on unpacking, teaching my kids, hearing from the Holy Spirit, studying the Bible, and book reviews. We traded the crowded neighborhood for a peaceful plot in the woods. Traded the life in town for a bit of a drive, but the distance from everything is worth the peace and quiet among tall evergreens.

God has truly worked in our favor with this house. I was so upset because we are going to get snow, it doesn't have a garage, there is no space for our school desks, no place for friends to park...boo hoo boo hoo. But you know what, as I stopped and looked around, started moving all our stuff in, I noticed that yes, we are going to be getting a lot of snow but we home school. I don't have to leave the house. We actually do have a good sized space for our school area. No we don't have a garage, but we do have some dry storage area under the house. All the bedrooms are lager, the kitchen is larger, the living room is larger. Why was I so upset? Because the house I was sure God had prepared for us was not going to look like this one. When I thought it didn't meet any of my requirements for our new home, the Holy Spirit gave me time to see through His eyes. Our new home actually meets all my requirements, I just was too full of my flesh to see what the Lord had provided. 

Is there something you are unhappy about? Something you think the Lord has forgotten about? Something He answered in a way you were hoping would have been different? Be of good cheer! Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see what He sees. To open your heart to Him and all that He has for you. It may not be easy, it may not come quickly, but He is faithful if you are willing.

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