The waiting game

I know plenty of young folks who feel this way. The person they will spend forever with is nowhere to be found, and they'er growing weary in the waiting. I was just asked this question: 

"In your opinion is it foolish to hold out hope that one day he will want to get back together?"

Here was my response:

  • "Thats a hard question. I keep telling young ladies that if they will just Seek God First ( Mat 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.) and make Him number one in their life, He will become the author and perfecter of their love story.

  • Its something people don't want to wait for any more. We all want it now, but now may not be His perfect timing. God is never early and He is never late. But He lets us choose who's time frame we want: His or ours.
    However, I truly believe that there would be more happy couples if they just chose to seek Him first, praying that He would lead the way, preparing their yet-to-be-seen spouse by making sure they are solid in Him. Again, this can be very hard to do.

  • So, all that said, I would probably let him go by placing him and your relationship in God's hands. Bust out and dust off that 'ol Bible and dive in. Everything we need- direction, hope, wisdom, peace-can be found in there. Lay it all out to Him. Be open and transparent. Tell Him how you've been feeling for these past few months. The thing I love the most about God is that He so desires to have a personal relationship with us. Crazy! I mean He is the great big God! and He wants to know me, you!

  • Make Him your first priority and everything will fall into place. That's what I was getting at It's all about taking that first step."

Are you one of the young folks out there still waiting for your future spouse to come along? The waiting game can be rough, so grab a hold of Father God and draw near to His heart. You can know that He will guide your path.


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