Entering into His Presence

Have you ever experienced the Presence of God? I mean truly experienced it in all His glory and unfathomable love?

I want to talk to you about how you can learn and practice the presence of God. Every one has their own way of entering in. My hope for this is to give you examples of how others enter in as a starting point for you to search and find the way you are able to enter in.

I was around 13-14 years old when I decided for myself to give my life to the Lord. I have been worshiping Him for 14 years and never “noticed” His presence for myself. I have been to meetings where it was very evident that the Spirit of the Lord was there and moving and touching people’s lives. But why wasn’t He touching me? Why wasn’t I having an encounter with God?

Back in, I don’t know, February of 2010 I guess, I had my first encounter with the Lord in my worship time at home, in the Secrete Place. Before I had this amazing breakthrough I had sought counsel from a Pastor asking how I can experience His presence for myself. There are many things to go over but we will start first with the sin factor.

We need to make sure our house (our heart, mind, soul) are clean. I talked a lot about that in Our Bodies are His Temple Pt.1 and Part 2. I first started out by asking the Holy Spirit to go deep and search every area of my soul, heart and mind for sin. There are so many different ways we can sin and there are those that we don’t even realize we do. A silent offence while I was shopping for example. It wasn’t intentional or even known. But the Holy Spirit pointed out that what I had said did in fact offend this person. So since there are unrealized sins creeping into our lives along with the ones we know we have committed, it is crucial to have the Holy Spirit search our soul, heart and mind every day and seek forgiveness of those sins. It is also important to forgive yourself. Having unforgiveness toward yourself or another person can be a hindrance when it comes to entering into His presence. Every time I ask forgiveness I have instant release and can then fully experience His redeeming love.

Another thing I do is I close my eyes and I picture the most amazingly beautiful throne. Seated on it I picture God and next to him, Jesus. How majestic they are! I picture me on my knees before them. What am I feeling when I’m bowing before the Lord God? What would my response be to His infinite love, goodness, grace and holiness, when I am before Him? The reality of it is, is that every time you worship, weather you are standing, kneeling, or even on your face, you are before Him. 

Every time before I begin praising and worshiping God, I do these two steps. Ever since the first encounter of KNOWING His love, I haven't been the same! Every time I worship now He pours His love over me and I begin to weep. I noticed the same happens to my 9 year old daughter. He meets us right where we are at when we open our whole self up to Him.

I want to encourage you to give this a try. Please remember it may work out differently for you then it did for me, but starting out this way helped me practice entering into God presence daily. I just wanted to share this because I had gone so many years without knowing God was present. Watching so many others have no problem entering in. Going through these steps worked for me and may for you as well. Share it with some one you know who has asked you how you enter in but you really are not sure how to answer the question.

Be blessed today dear readers, from all over the world!
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