A Simple Way to Free up Time

After writing this post I thought maybe I could share some ways that may help you free up more time in your schedule. I'll make this short and sweet.

Step #1- Sit down and make a list of everything you do during the week. Figure how long it takes you to complete each task. Now, your reading my tips on how to free up time in your day so this one may be hard to get to. But I promise it really helps actually being able to see it all on paper. You will probably be amazed to see just how much you do during the week.

Step #2- Put a check mark next to the tasks you feel can be scheduled at a different time if not removed altogether. I used to spend so much time each day researching health and things for school that I wasn't spending the quality time with the Lord that I wanted to, and was missing out on time with my kids as well. I had to make a change.

Step #3Schedule your "time suckers" into a place in your day that will work for you WITH a time limit. Seriously, if I don't have a time limit I will be sitting at the computer researching, reading books, or whatever it is I'm doing for hours at a time. Which means nothing else is getting done. For me, time limits are a must.

Step #4- Give it a whirl! See if doing this adds dome balance to your days and frees up time for the other things in your life. Doing these simple steps worked wonders for me personally in managing my day and freeing up more time for me to spend with the ones I love. Its all about planning your time to bring balance to your day!

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