True Rest

My family is looking to buy our first home. We found one that has everything on our checklist but it is $50,000 more then what we are comfortable paying. So we continued looking, found a house with one thing on our checklist but in the right price range, and placed an offer. (I'm sure a post will be coming soon on this story.)

Now, this has all happened within this past week. I haven't slept for days because I'm so concerned about the offer on the house we don't really want and the home we want but cannot afford. I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.

Then the Lord spoke to me two nights ago, "I have heard your requests. Stop asking and start thanking Me for what I Am doing on your behalf." (You can find that post HERE.) So I went downstairs and gave it all to Him and spent hours thanking and praising Him. What a relief to hand off something I have no control over to the only One who can change the situation. 

Last night I thought of the verse below, and with it came new understanding:

Mat 11:28 "Come to Me, all [you] who labor and are heavy laden,     and I will give you rest.

It's when we totally rely on Him, when our faith is in Him and not in us, do we fully understand what it means to have rest-peace. We are at peace and can rest because we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is in control. He is taking care of it. We no longer need to worry, think of it, or even speak of it. We completely handed it over to Him and can now rest because He said He's got taken care of. He just needed us to give it fully to Him.

Wow! What a great promise from Jesus! I have read this verse so many times but only last night did it come alive to me. For the first time in a week I was able to sleep. Hallelujah!!! In Him we can find rest. I understand this now and will never forget it. 

Be encouraged today! If you have something weighing you down mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, hand it over to Jesus. He has you covered!

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